About US

MFCA originally started out as a small group of Media and marketing specialists who were all independent, coming together on a number of projects.

In 2017 the decision was made to combine their skills and the vision was, to build a company which could exceed the expectations and levels of professionalism of many firms based in Asia, who we felt were all lacking certain attributes in order to be a complete go-to solution.

The core team of staff

The core team of staff, based here in the heart of Bangkok are dedicated to ensuring that all the works carried out by our consultants are always of a high standard and that the client has a solid relationship with us and is kept up to speed all the way from the beginning of any project, until completion.


Marketing our business

MFCA employ and contract, several independent consultants across the globe and in different time zones, which we find allows us to work around the clock on projects that have specific deadlines to meet.

We also feel, especially with the marketing arm of our business, it really does help having an input from consultants in different regions and with different cultural backgrounds, so that we can get the bigger picture of what the end consumer desires.

We receive anywhere between 15-50 applications per month from companies looking to use our services.

We are extremely selective with the projects that we take on each month and use a specific criteria method as part of our selection process. This ensures that we always produce outstanding results in real-time for our clients.